IAGOS central database hosted by ETHER (CNES-CNRS/INSU)

IAGOS is a new European Research Infrastructure conducting longterm observations of atmospheric composition, aerosol and cloud particles on a global scale from commercial aircraft of internationally operating airlines.

MOZAIC observations (August 1994 - November 2014) are airborne in-situ measurements for ozone, water vapor, carbon monoxide, and total nitrogen oxides (NOy). Measurements are geo-localized (latitude, longitude and pressure) and come with meteorological observations (wind direction and force, temperature). Data acquisition is automatically performed during round-trip international flights (ascent, descent and cruise phases) from Europe to America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

IAGOS observations (July 2011 - today) include ozone, water vapor, carbon monoxide, and cloud droplets (number and size). Depending of the optional instrumentation, additional measurements are either, nitrogen oxides (NOx), or total nitrogen oxides (NOy), or greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4), or aerosols. Since July 2011, the first IAGOS-equipped aircraft flies the basic instrumentation, plus an optional instrumentation for NOx.

Added-value products are the height of the dynamical tropopause at the aircraft position and backward trajectories of air masses sampled along the flight tracks.

MOZAIC and IAGOS data policies are free access for scientific use (WMO resolution 40 for policy and practice for the exchange of meteorological and related data and products). Users have to sign the IAGOS data protocol and to fill online a form for getting access.

ETHER is a joint venture between CNES and CNRS/INSU to promote the use of in-situ and satellite observations for atmospheric chemistry. More detail here.

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