MOZAIC-IAGOS Data Policy and Data Protocol

According to Resolution 40 of WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) policy for the exchange of meteorological and related data and products, MOZAIC-IAGOS observations are free access for scientific usage.

The MOZAIC-IAGOS Data Base is a huge experimental reservoir of data and is of great interest for the international scientific community. Besides of the scientific goals of the IAGOS research infrastructure, it is our philosophy to maximize the scientific use of the observations and to have a large scientific output in atmospheric and climate research.

Candidate users are invited to sign the MOZAIC-IAGOS data protocol which commits themselves on three obligations:

  • to provide a short description of the research they intend to perform with the data
  • to offer co-authorship to the IAGOS Principal Investigators if a large dataset is used
  • to include acknowledgements in publications for:
    • the European Commission for the support to the MOZAIC project (1994-2003) and the preparatory phase of IAGOS (2005-2012)
    • partner institutions of the IAGOS Research Infrastructure (FZJ, DLR, MPI, KIT in Germany, CNRS, CNES, Météo-France in France and University of Manchester in United Kingdom),
    • ETHER (CNES-CNRS/INSU) for hosting the database,
    • the participating airlines (Lufthansa, Air France, Austrian, China Airlines, Iberia, Cathay Pacific) for the transport free of charge of the instrumentation.

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