Second Tropospheric Ozone Workshop

Tropospheric ozone changes: Observations, state of understanding, and model performances

11-14 April, 2011 in Toulouse, France

(organized and co-sponsored by CNRS, Université de Toulouse, Météo-France, WMO and ACCENT+)

The workshop is a follow-up of the first Tropospheric Ozone Workshop held at NOAA (Boulder, USA) in October 2009 ( and Logan et al., EOS letter 2010). That workshop summarized the current state of the science and identified gaps in current knowledge and understanding of troposphere ozone changes.
The goals of this second workshop are:
- to make progress towards preparing the most accurate data base suitable for assessing changes in tropospheric ozone
- to prepare a comprehensive report/community statement on the ability of the models to reproduce changes in tropospheric ozone
- to prepare a draft for an IGAC letter and/or for a review paper on observed changes over the globe.

We encourage contributions on three main topics :
- Tropospheric ozone time series: These should be regionally representative, with the goal of covering as much of the globe as possible.
- Assessment of our understanding of long term variability and changes.
- Global and regional scale modeling: Evaluate CTM performances with regards to their ability to reproduce long term ozone changes, and begin to assess the mechanisms causing such changes.

Figure: Comparison of ozonesonde and aircraft data over Europe (from J.

Organizing committee :
Jennifer Logan, Sam Oltmans, Martin Schultz, Ian Galbally, David Parrish, Johannes Staehelin, David Tarasick, Oksana Tarasova, Jean-Pierre Cammas and Valérie Thouret.

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